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How many pieces of evidence does my NQT need for each Teachers' Standard?

NQTs will need to meet each bullet point in each Teachers' Standard to pass induction. There is no prescribed number of pieces of evidence or examples needed, but you will need to be assured that your NQT is meeting the Teachers' Standards "consistently and independently". As a minimum, the NQT Induction team would expect there to be two or three examples of meeting each bullet point by the end of the final term. If your NQT is already strongly meeting all the Teachers' Standards by the end of the first or second term, encourage them to demonstrate evidence that exceeds the Standards in the final term.

I have concerns about an NQT, do I wait until their assessment is due to register this concern?

No - check out the 'Guidance - Unsatisfactory progress or concerns' in the 'Resources' section and notify EPS sooner rather than later.

I think the assessment date for one of my NQTs is incorrect, what should I do? Should I just wait for the assessment form to become available?

Check the contract details - ensure that these are correct (start of induction date; whether full or part time, and if the latter, that the correct proportion is shown). If they are correct and the date still looks wrong contact EPS and ask them to double check/amend as necessary

I want to start work on the assessment forms for my NQTs, but they're not yet available, any suggestions?

Check the format of the assessment form, then start your 'draft' assessment in a word document...add to it as time progresses and when the form becomes available, cut/copy and paste into on-line form (forms generally become available on-line three weeks before due date).

I've completed the assessment form, but I can't sign it, it's saying that the form is incomplete.

You need to 'Submit' the form, it will then be accessible by NQT for comments and then by all for signatures.

On assessment form - Number of days completed during assessment period - do we count weekend days or just working days?

Just count the number of school days (so include inset days, but not weekends). Number of days per term is usually noted in the newsletter sent to Headteachers and tutors.

The NQT is showing with an incorrect assessment date. They started induction in September, are full time and their assessment should be due in December.

Some schools have put the incorrect start date of induction, as the NQT did some work at the end of the summer term and this was registered as their induction start date. If in fact they all started induction in September 2012, then you need to change their details to reflect this. Go to contract details from the left hand menu from the NQT's overview page. Once you've set them to September starts, the assessments will all be due in December.

What happens if my NQT's contractual hours change - surely this will affect assessment dates?

Yes, dates will be affected and will need adjusting - please ring the Induction team on 02380 383530 and we will adjust the assessment dates accordingly.