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I need more help - who can I ask?

Initially either your Induction Manager, Head of Department or Headteacher. Or you can ring the Induction team at Education Personnel Services on 02380 383530, or email them at

I’m a newly appointed NQT Induction tutor and am unsure of just what my role should include – can you help?

In the Resources section on NQT Manager you will find two links which should prove particularly useful “Guidance Handbook - Headteachers and Induction Tutors” and “Training – Induction tutors – Secondary/Primary (as appropriate!) The Handbook is our version of the Statutory Guidance issued by the Department for Education (also in Resources) Tutor courses are run in July for the forthcoming year, September and January each year and are booked via the learning zone. In addition – do check out the relevant ‘User manual’ on NQT Manager – select ‘Help & Support’ (top of the page) then ‘User manuals’ & ‘Tutor manual’