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Does school have to allow us to attend training?

Schools are required to provide NQTs with a professional personalised programme of support. This most often includes a formal training programme, but isn't always the case, depending on each NQT's needs. If you feel that you would benefit from a course but your school isn't sure, you should raise it with your Induction Tutor, highlighting how you feel the programme would benefit you.

How many pieces of evidence do I need for each Teachers’ Standard?

You will need to meet each bullet point in each Teachers’ Standard to pass induction. There is no prescribed number of pieces of evidence or examples needed, but your induction tutor will need to be assured that you are meeting the Teachers’ Standards ‘consistently and independently’. As a minimum, the NQT Induction team would expect there to be at least 2 or 3 examples of meeting each bullet point by the end of the final term.

What documentation do I need to keep?

The contents of your portfolio should be discussed between you and your induction tutor – each school may have different requirements. As a minimum, however, you should retain and keep up to date: • Lesson Observation feedback forms • Lesson Observation self-evaluation forms • Records of the regular meetings between you and your induction tutor • Professional Development Plan • Record of Evidence (Evidence Tracker) • Induction Log (your CPD log)

You may want to store these in hard-copy or electronically – it doesn’t matter as long as they are accessible if needed and are signed/verified and dated.

What should my Induction Tutor be doing?

Your Induction Tutor is there to provide support or co-ordinate support for you throughout your Induction, and to evaluate your progress against the Teachers’ Standards and write your end of term assessments.

Termly Tutor training courses are available. In addition, more guidance is available for Tutors and Headteachers in the Tutor handbook, available on NQT Manager.

Who should we contact if we’re stuck and our Tutor can’t help?

There may be other members of staff that you can ask for help in your school (members of the SLT, subject co-ordinators, or other NQTs), or staff in neighbouring or partnering schools, or subject/general inspectors in the County’s school inspectorate team.

Hampshire’s NQT Induction team is also there to help – you can raise a ‘Helpdesk query’ via NQT Manager, or call 02380 383530 or email