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Can I register my NQT for September even though they will not be awarded their QTS until the summer?

Yes, you can. You will need to put some numbers in the 'QTS date' box as it will not let you leave it blank, but it does not have to be the correct date if this is unknown. The system is linked into the Teaching Agency database and will continue to check it until the NQT is awarded QTS, once they have it will be cleared. You need to ensure that you complete the full registration, otherwise you will be alerted to the fact that it is incomplete.

I don't yet have a QTS number - does that mean I can't register my NQT?

All NQTs will already have the required number - they may well know it as their TRN (teacher reference number) - it's the 7-figure number they were issued at the start of their teacher training.

Why has my School/tutor/NQT not been authorised by Hampshire after 48 hours?

If you are an external school that requires a contract with Hampshire to act as your appropriate body, if you have not returned a signed contract then you may not have been authorised. External schools will only be authorised for that academic year once Hampshire has a signed contract returned.